Sleeping on your stomach is a common sleeping pattern but can be harmful if you do not have the right mattress.

However, we are not here to debate the pros and cons of sleeping on your stomach but instead, our focus is on how to ensure that your mattress is going to give you the best sleep possible as a stomach sleeper.

Actually, there are so many mattress brands designed for stomach sleepers. However, not all of them meets the required standards. Some manufacturers cut corners in the manufacturing process to reap in huge profits.

To avoid falling into the trap of such manufacturers, be sure to consider the following characteristics. Any mattress with the following features is good for a stomach sleeper. So let us have a look:

  • Adequate support

The number one concern for a stomach sleeper is support. This means that a good mattress for stomach sleeper is one that provides proper support to the mid-section. Do not forget that your mid-section carries intense pressure and weight.

So when you sleep down on your stomach your spine is pulled and misaligned. As pressure continues to build in your torso, it will cause you restless night’s sleep. Notably, when the pressure on your midsection prolongs, it can cause back pains.

Therefore, to avoid the discomfort and risk of developing back pains, a mattress with great support is the way to go. Such a mattress is made with high-density forms and has the right level of firmness. However, it should also provide a good bounce and conformity to the body curves.

  • Medium to slightly firmness level

Many people will tell you that a soft mattress is ideal for stomach sleepers because it allows the torso to sink a little into the mattress. However, this should not be the case because stomach sleepers keep a flat profile.

Therefore, the best mattress for a stomach sleeper should be on the medium to slightly firm side on the firmness scale. The advantage of this level of firmness is that it prevents your back from arching. A soft mattress will cause the pelvis to sink down causing the misalignment of the spine. Read about best memory foam mattress to become a guru on this topic.

As a result, you’re more likely to wake up with back pains. Getting the right level of firmness is essential for stomach sleepers because it helps prevent many back issues.

Conversely, you should not pick a mattress that is too firm because it will exert too much pressure on your midsection making you uncomfortable.

  • High-quality materials

For better sleep, the mattress should feature quality components in the comfort layer. This means it should contain high-density foams that will withstand pressure.

A mattress made using low-density foams will start sagging after a short period. Sleeping on a saggy platform misaligns the spine and cause you back issues, something you’re trying to avoid.

Bottom line

For stomach sleeper, proper support and the right firmness are the most important factors to consider. Adequate support and the right level of firmness are necessary to ensure that your spine remains in the right posture for a comfortable nights rest.

Anything else that does not prioritize the above features may make it hard for you to sleep. The ball is in your hands make your choice well.

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