Tiny houses are getting a lot of attention on the internet through social media and an increasing number of people are considering living in a tiny house. But what are the legit reasons why you should consider living in a tiny house? And how do they relate to your lifestyle and things you are passionate about?

Mortgage-Free Living

With skyrocketing real-estate prices in the US, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to own homes. More than 75% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and it is affecting their ability to acquire financing for purchasing a house, so it’s time to look for tiny homes for sale in PA. The lucky ones that can afford a house, end up burdened with the mortgage for the next 30 years or so. Tiny houses are a great opportunity to purchase your own living space without becoming debt-ridden. Average cost to build your own tiny house in the US is $23,000, an amount that doesn’t make most people run for the hills when mentioned.

Be a Part of the Green Revolution

Tiny houses make green living much more affordable and attainable. Due to their diminutive size, they use and waste less energy and are often built from salvaged and recycled materials. They can be easily fitted with renewable energy installations such as solar panels or wind generators. Since they use less energy, this makes them perfect off-the-grid housing options. Space is at a premium in tiny houses, so there is no room for waste and clutter. This encourages sustainable thinking and purchasing things that you absolutely need.

Make Nature Your Backyard

If you love the outdoors and fun activities like hiking, kayaking, fishing and hunting, a tiny house might just be perfect for you. Finding a place to build a tiny house in the rural, nature-rich areas is much easier than settling in urban centers. Land prices and building codes tend to be more relaxed as well. Tiny houses fit well with an outdoorsy lifestyle, they encourage DIY attitude and staying active. Getting a break from the daily noise and clutter of the urban jungle might be just what you need and a tiny house can follow you there!

Glow Closer with Family and Friends

Tiny houses make it impossible to feel isolated in them. Most of the living spaces are shared with the other tenants, and while this might be difficult in some situations, it actually encourages social interaction and bonding. Having people over is always a wonderful experience. It motivates people to interact with each other, share stories and enjoy each other’s company. It is difficult to keep a conflict situation under the surface in such close quarters, so emotions and opinions are bound to pop up. This is the essence of how human relationships grew. Tiny houses are perfect for close-knit families and couples.

Explore Hobbies and Passions

Tiny houses save their owners hundreds of dollars in monthly bills and maintenance. With more of your salary available, you can go out with friends more or enjoy other types of entertainment. Or it might help you actually work less and spend more with your family and kids. It is also a great opportunity to look for a new career or passion, that might improve your life. It might be a perfect time to check out some classes at a local university or spend time creatively at home. Without bills piling up all the time, you can also stop for a second and think about what makes you happy.

Tiny houses are not just a recent fad or fashionable housing, they are a legitimate living space for some people. If you appreciate sustainable living and enjoy your financial and social freedom, they just might be perfect for you!

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