Cannabis is fun and cheap to grow at home, but most people don’t realize this and assume that it’s laborious and expensive. Perhaps, this is exactly why people shy away from growing marijuana even when they have access to all the equipment. If you’re somebody who’s procrastinating about whether to grow cannabis, remember that even if you start today, you can smoke your favorite strain in just a few months.

Now, when it comes to growing herb indoors, it’s recommended that you do your research to find some of the best led grow lights available today. However, some of them are expensive. Beginners usually look for cheap lights because they aren’t comfortable about investing too much, but they don’t realize the fact that they might end up spending more in the long run if they purchase lights made of inferior material.

I understand your dilemma, and therefore, this article will focus only on LED grow lights that are available under $200! Although they are cheap, these lights are tested and proven to last a long time, so don’t waste time and start gathering other materials to grow your own cannabis at home.

  • King LED Grow Lights

Seriously, King LED is absolutely the king when it comes to pricing. Even the 1200w light costs only $139 and it’s a serious feat considering that most LEDs are priced above $350. King LEDs are not only cheap, but they also perform way better than most LEDs available in the market today.

With their new Double chip technology that has two 5w LEDs together instead of the standard 3w LEDs, it is guaranteed that the light will be extremely intense and powerful. Powerful lights usually consume a lot of power and also emit too much heat that might be detrimental to you and your plants, but these lights come with aluminum heat sinks and fans that work tirelessly to keep the temperature optimal.

  • BESTVA LED Grow lights

BESTVA is a relatively new company that manufactures and sells LED Grow lights.  They have both the Reflector and Double Chip series to offer several options to the consumer. Based on reviews and posts by many customers, it’s easy to understand that this company is here to stay because the product really lives up to the expectations. Incredibly, a 1200w Dual Chip BESTVA is priced at only $145, and since it lasts for almost a decade, you can be absolutely sure that it’s a bargain.

  • Viparspectra LED Grow lights

Viparspectra has a range of lights in its arsenal and although several lights are priced above $200, you need to take a look at their Reflector series that offers affordable lights. For instance, a 600w Viparspectra LED is available at only $152.99 and covers a 3’X3’ without any issues. For beginners, this light is simply perfect because you start small and then add more lights as you get used to the entire process.

  • MARS Hydro LED Grow Lights

Another company that has gained quite a reputation in the Grow Light Industry is MARS Hydro. Although the company has several lights priced above $200, their 600w ETL Certified LED Grow light is exceptional as it is available only for $139.98. These lights are powerful and can handle the entire cycle right from the vegetative to flowering stage.

  • HIGROW LED Grow Lights

HIGROW has been manufacturing LED Grow Lights for quite some time now. They have an impressive list of lights in their offering, but what makes them doubly attractive is the price. For example, a 1000w Double Chip HIGROW Led costs only $119, and considering the way it performs, you can rest assured that you’ve gotten a fantastic deal.

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