Medical use of cannabis can be very helpful in persistent discomfort management, cancer, AIDS, glaucoma and several sclerosis, but cigarette smoking weed? Not a smart idea, particularly if you experience stress and anxiety and anxiety.

There many research studies into result that cannabis has on us, but the outcomes are contradictory. A few of them say that weed can have an antidepressant impact, some that it might trigger your stress and anxiety and anxiety, anxiety attack and even fear, psychosis and schizophrenia. The viewpoints also differ in between declaring that marijuana can have a sedative impact or be a stimulant.

The info is so complicated because marijuana is very individual drug with individual side-effects. Here are just a few of them:

– It impacts short-term memory, concentration and motor function;

– Impacts limbic area of the brain which is accountable for your feelings and behaviour;

– Distorts understanding;

– Cause troubles in issue fixing;

– Makes you more prone to infections, impacts your heart and breathing system;

– Lowers the frequency of your alpha brain waves which generally permits you to enter into state of light relaxation.

Although it’s uncertain if cannabis triggers psychological issues, intensifies them or assists with them, there are some truths that we understand and can reason from:

– at least 10% of young cigarette smokers of weed establish psychosis;

– cannabis increases your risk of psychiatric condition by 30%;.

– marijuana incline you to schizophrenia and can trigger a regression in those who are currently schizophrenic;.

– marijuana are connected to stress and anxiety and anxiety attack, fear and anxiety.

OK, now we understand a few of the side-effects and a few of the research studies results, and it appears like cannabis use is absolutely bad if you have stress and anxiety issue or experience anxiety attack. Fear? Psychosis? Predisposition to schizophrenia? Distorted understanding and troubles in issue fixing? Absolutely not an excellent mix for your stress and anxiety. Decreased frequency of alpha waves accountable for your capability to unwind also does not help. So if I were you I would not touch marijuana if you think you are experiencing this specific psychological health condition.

What about its result on anxiety?

Well, in anxiety your brain chemistry is currently ruined so as your feelings and motor functions according to the list of typical anxiety signs. Although there is no show that cannabis triggers or aggravates your anxiety, it appears like it does not help too. You generally amount to the issues you currently experience so you need to work two times as hard to combat your anxiety.

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