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It was Colin Carter who contacted Peter Banks to form a new band together. Peter was going through his grey period and after his previous experiences with bands wasn't too keen on getting another one started. Luckily, they did and after writing Small Beginnings together, Peter shopped the demo around and landed a deal. The next task was to find the right musicians, which proved to be more work than it seemed. Once the band was together, it was Peter who thought up Flash as a band name, and it stuck. Deciding against using a keyboardist, Peter ultimately developed an exciting guitar style and created Flash's special sound.

Download Peter Banks albums such as 'Instinct' and 'Reduction' from Peter Banks

Pre-Flash bands
The Nighthawks (1963-1964)
Devil's Disciples (1964-1965)
The Syndicats (1965-1966)
The Syn (1966-1968)
Mabel Greer's Toyshop (1968)
Neat Change (1968)
Yes (1968-1970)
Blodwyn Pig (1970)

Post-Flash bands
Empire (1974-1979)
Harmony In Diversity (2005- )New

Solo Discography
Two Sides Of Peter Banks (1973)
Instinct (1993)
Self-Contained (1995)
Reduction (1999)
Can I Play You Something? (1999)

Other appearances

Guitar Workshop Vol. 2
Guitar Workshop Vol. 2
includes Dancing Angel & Warning; Rumble Strips Listen!