Ray Bennett  RAY BENNETT

Peter Banks claims "the only easy person we got was the bassist, Ray Bennett." In fact, it was a match made in music heaven with Ray & Peter playing together. They had met before, as Ray was friends with Bill Bruford who shared a flat with Peter back in their Yes days. Ray went on to become the bands most prolific songwriter, writing most of the bands material, especially on their last album, the concept piece Out Of Our Hands.

Pre-Flash bands
The Breed (w/Bill Bruford)
Carol Grimes
Roger Taylor

Post-Flash bands
The Heat

Solo Discography
Whatever Falls
Angels & Ghosts

Solo Albums

Angles & Ghosts cover
Angels And Ghosts
Released 2001. VP237 (CD).
Download from Ray Bennett - Angels & Ghosts

1. Watch Your Step
2. Hold On
3. Who
4. Everything Changes
5. It's Alright
6. Mister
7. Baby
8. Cool Religion
9. Lay Your Head Down
10. Nightingale
11. Don't Miss A Beat
12. Terpsichore
13. Indian Food
14. Radio Interview
15. Never Stand Behind An Old Piano

Produced by Ray Bennett
Whatever Falls cover
Whatever Falls
Released 2001. VP238 (CD).
Download from Ray Bennett - Whatever Falls

1. La Verite Des Miracles
2. Torn Apart
3. Under The Wheel
4. Digging With A Spoon
5. Ahh!
6. Stella
7. Changing
8. Davey Goes To The Park
9. Whatever Falls
10. New West

Produced by Ray Bennett

In his own write...

Ray Bennett sent me an e-mail with an update on what he's been up to after Flash.

"Since flash I've had many musical adventures, and landed in New York City about eight years ago. I now play guitar as my main instrument, though still playing bass. Mostly I front my own band as vocalist/guitarist, mixing songs with lots of instrumental stuff, also I've been a gun for hire, I've taught bass, owned a studio here in N.Y. and done some engineering, which came in handy working on my own album. All in all I've spent far more time recording than gigging in recent years, so expect to hear quite a lot from me in the future. That's the short story of the past twentywhatever years!!!"

Thanks for the update Ray! 

More information available at his website: http://www.bennettmusic.com and his MySpace http://www.myspace.com/raybennettmusic.